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What is SWY WAVE ? Ship for World Youth Program:
After SWY Stories for the Future

We are pleased to announce SWY WAVE Ship for World Youth Program: After SWY Stories for the Future, a special online program that allows
participants to experience the spirit of the Ship for World Youth Program (SWY) sponsored by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.

This program invites you to Japan and six different areas of the world on the virtual waves of SWY WAVE. This is your chance to meet ex-participants and prospective participants
of SWY the Ship for World youth Program (SWY) from all over the world, and learn about the cultures and social issues of each country through lectures and workshops.
We hope that participation in SWY WAVE will inspire you to join the Ship for World Youth Program (SWY) in the future, and have a picture of yourself as a future global leader.

What is the “Ship for World Youth Program” (SWY)?

The “Ship for World Youth Program” is one of six International Youth Exchange Programs led by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. The program consists of three parts; onshore/onboard training and port of call activities. During the onboard training, 120 overseas participating youth from 10 countries and 120 Japanese participating youth live at-sea together for about one month, developing cross-cultural and leadership skills through discussion and exchange. Participating youth visit different countries every year and have the opportunity to visit local institutions aligned with their areas of interest, as well as interact with local youth.

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Program Overview

Main Contents
・Keynote Session - You’ll be able to have deeper understanding about the social issues and initiatives in the designated area
・SWY Storytelling Session - You’ll be introduced to the impact of the SWY program as told by ex-participants of the designated area
・Breakout Session - You’ll be able to interact with youth from the designated area in smaller groups

*SWY WAVE will be conducted six times, and each program has different contents, speakers and participants. You can join all six programs no matter your nationality or background, so please feel free to join all of them. Or if you prefer, you can join just one or two.

Schedule and Designated Area for Online Exchange
Each program focuses on a different geographic area of the world
(full schedule follows below).

No. Date Area
1 Nov. 28th, (Sat) 1:00-4:00 p.m. Asia/Oceania Program Finished
2 Dec. 20th, (Sun) 8:00-11:00 a.m. South America Program Finished
3 Jan. 16th, (Sat) 4:00-7:00 p.m. Africa Program Finished
4 Feb. 6th, (Sat) 4:00-7:00 p.m. Middle East Program Finished
5 Feb. 20th, (Sat) 5:00-8:00 p.m. Europe Program Finished
6 Mar. 7th, (Sun) 8:00-11:00 a.m. North America/Central America Registration

* Time is indicated in Japan Standard Time (JST:utc+9)
※Registration deadline for each program is different, so please click “Registration” and check the deadline.

Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
Center for International Youth Exchange
Program Fee
No charge
Online (Zoom and Youtube Live)
Intended for
・Japanese people who have an interest in the international exchange or the Ship for World Youth Program
・Non-Japanese people who have an interest in Japan, international exchange and the Ship for World Youth Program
・Approximately 18-30 years of age
All programs will be delivered in English but there is no minimum English language ability required to participate in SWY WAVE

How to join

  1. Please click the "Registration" button on the details page of each program.

  2. Please register your name and email address on the registration form.

  3. You will receive the URL for the event website at your registered email address later.

  4. Please access the event website from your computer or smartphone device on the actual event day. We recommend you to browse on your computer.

  5. Please launch the streaming tool, Zoom or Youtube Live, to participate. *Registration is required for each program.

Registration deadline for SWY WAVE #6
March 5th, Fri 5 p.m. (JST: UTC+9)

Contact Us

Center for International Youth Exchange
Secretariat of SWY WAVE

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Registration deadline for SWY WAVE #6 March 5th, Fri 5 p.m. (JST: UTC+9)

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Please read the following notes carefully before participating.
By participating in the program, you shall be deemed to have agreed to the Precautions.

  • Participants will bear the cost of the internet service used for participating in the online program.
    *Connecting to Wi-fi is recommended.
  • We take no responsibility to compensate for the damage caused by the suspending or canceling of the online program that could happen due to the technical issues related to Zoom and Youtube.
  • The program will be broadcasted by Zoom, and your name will be shown to the public, so please change the name of your Zoom account if you are concerned about privacy.
  • The online program is entirely recorded by the organizer, and the recorded video will be uploaded on the website of SWY WAVE or the Cabinet Office of Japanese Government.
  • Recording or filming the online program by the participants is prohibited.
  • We take no responsibility in regards to the recording or filming of the participants on the screen by others during the online program.
  • The program could be canceled or changed partly due to the unavoidable circumstances.
  • At this program, we may ask you to refrain from participating if there is any act that prevents other participants from exchanging opinions based on the purpose of the program.
    *Click here for more details.


About event participation

  • Q Is it free of charge to participate in the program?

    Yes. Anybody can participate without any charge.

  • Q Do I need to register to participate in the program?

    Yes. Please register through the online form by the deadline of each program. After the registration, the details of the program will be sent to your email address one day prior to the program.

  • Q How can I use the simultaneous interpretation service from English to Japanese?

    When you register through the application form, please check the column of “I want to use the simultaneous interpretation”.

  • Q: Do I need to have experience of participating in the International Youth Exchange Programs by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan to join this online program?

    No, you don’t need to have participated in any previous international youth exchange programs.

  • Q: Can I still participate in this program though I already have participated in another online program organized by the Cabinet Office?

    Yes, you can still participate even if you have participated in other online programs.

  • Q: After participating in the online program, can I still apply for the Ship for World Youth Program once it officially started?

    Yes, you can.

  • Q:Can I participate in all 6 programs?

    Yes. Please feel free to join all the programs.

  • Q: Is there any limit for the capacity of participants?

    There is no limit for participating in the programs. However, the Breakout Sessions in each program might have a limit. Please check out the details of Breakout Session that will be sent after the registration.

  • Q: Can we participate in the program after the opening time has passed?

    Yes. However the program will start as the schedule so please participate on time.

Regarding Zoom, Youtube Live

  • Q: I have not used Zoom before, do I need to download it beforehand?

    Yes. Please download it beforehand.

  • Q: How can I download Zoom?

    Please refer to "How to join" in regard to downloading zoom. It depends on your device's setting.

  • Q: Will my face be shown on Zoom or Youtube Live?

    If you prefer not showing your face, please set "video off" on your zoom setting. Organizer will not set "video on" on your zoom setting without asking.

Regarding internet connections and devices

  • Q: Do you have any recommended internet environments?

    Minimum internet speed: 20Mbps or more You can check your internet speed by the site below.

  • Q: Can I participate with my smartphone?

    Yes, you can participate with your smartphone. However, using a PC is recommended.

  • Q: Do you have any recommended browsers?

    If you access the site by using Internet Explorer, some functions may not be displayed properly. Updated GoogleChrome or Firefox is recommended. You can download from the following

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