Privacy Policy

Purpose of the Use of Individual Data

Individual information such as name and email address registered for participation will be used for no purpose other than registration for, and use during the program.

Prohibition of sharing or delivering individual information to a third party

Center for International Youth Exchange manages personal information which we collect from participants in a proper way and will never disclose personal information except for the following cases.

- When participants agree with the disclosure
- When we disclose personal informations to contractors in order to provide services to participants that they have registered for
- When disclosure of personal information is required by law

Terms and Conditions

Organizer of Website

The website is organized by the Center for International Youth Exchange.

Regarding Intellectual Property Including Copyrights, Trademark Rights, Patent Rights

All the copyrights and other rights related to the information uploaded on the website belong to the Center for International Youth Exchange. It is prohibited to use the information without permission beyond the level of private use.

Links to our website

We reserve the right to prohibit sharing of links to our site depending on the content or method of sharing.

Prohibited Acts

1. We prohibit the following acts by the users:
 1) Registering with a fake email address or other person’s email address
 2) Using or delivering data with harmful programs or computer viruses
 3) Any other act we deem inappropriate
2. If the user commits any acts which is mentioned above, the user must agree with suing the damages.